About Our Tea

Our blooming teas are handmade by wrapping fresh flowers in green tea. It offers a smooth taste with a wonderful palette of floral aroma and hints of nuts.

Green tea is the mildest and most aromatic of all tea. As it’s produced from whole tea leaves, it has a perfectly balanced taste without any trace of bitterness. When a ball is infused in hot water, a magical flower begins to bloom. It makes an excellent gift for your loved ones, as it’s a rare and ancient art originating from China.

Welness in every sip

The Health Benefits
of Our Blooming Teas

  • Stress Relief
    Calming tea to relieve daily stress.
  • Skin Health
    Radiant skin nourished by antioxidant botanicals.
  • Weight Loss Support
    A flavorful addition to your fitness journey.

The Ingredients
Inside Our Tea Palette

The tin contains 8 blooming flower tea balls, 2 balls of each of the 4 distinct tea types.

Green Tea

Renowned for its mildness and rich antioxidants, green tea delivers a nuanced, balanced flavor. Its whole leaves contribute to a soothing infusion, free from any hint of bitterness.

Lily Flower

Gentle and subtly sweet, lily flowers add a sophisticated layer to our blooming tea. Recognized for their calming properties, they enhance the overall tea experience.

Jasmin Tea

Beyond their delightful fragrance, jasmine flowers bring a touch of tranquility, making each sip a calming ritual.

Marigold Flower

A burst of sunshine in every bloom, marigold flowers introduce a subtle citrus note. Rich in antioxidants, they contribute both color and healthful properties to the infusion.

Globe Amaranth Flower

Beyond their visual appeal, these flowers offer a mild, earthy essence, adding depth to your tea journey.


The Art of blooming
with Easy Steps to Tea Perfection

  • Prepare & Equip

    Begin by heating fresh water to boiling point. Choose a durable glass teapot with a capacity of 500ml to ensure a delightful viewing experience.

  • Infuse & Brew

    Gently place one blooming flower tea ball into the glass teapot. Ensure the ball is fully submerged and covered adequately with hot water. Allow the tea ball to steep in hot water, letting the blooming process unfold. Each blooming flower ball can be reused up to 3 times.

  • Watch the Blooming Process

    Observe the beautiful transformation as the tea ball starts to bloom. Enjoy the visual spectacle of the flower unfurling.

  • Swirl for Flavor Balance

    Once the blooming process is complete, swirl the tea gently to balance and enhance the flavors.

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